There Are Breeders and then there are Breeders…

    Contrary to what you may think, there are actually vast differences between Maltese Breeders.
    There are those that breed Maltese simply to make money to pay their bills.  Others dabble in
    the hobby of breeding and showing  Maltese dogs just to have something
    social to do on the weekends.  Sometimes, these Maltese Breeders aren’t putting
    the time and effort into learning how to properly breed dogs to improve on
    what they have. There are also those that purchase Maltese puppies from
    other Maltese Breeders and resell them. Those people are called Brokers, not Breeders.
On the opposite side of the spectrum are Breeders, such as
    Chrisman Maltese.
    Ourselves, that have devoted our lives to a specific Maltese breed of dog and
    made personal sacrifices along the way to try to perfect our breeding stock.  
    We’ve taken our time to educate ourselves about The Maltese breed and then
    search the world over for structurally sound and healthy Maltese dogs to incorporate
    into our breeding program without worrying about cost. We make sure we attend
    current health seminars to learn about the ever changing problems that arise in
    our breed throughout the years.  During the past 20 years, our home
    has always been open to fellow Breeders (as well as aspiring Judges) to come out and mentor
    under us and learn everything from grooming, training, showing and breeding.
    Since we began breeding, we have been consistently producing
    top winning and top producing Maltese throughout the world.

    We are not breeding our Maltese dogs with the intention of selling
    Maltese pet quality puppies.  Our goal with every litter is to produce the
    best quality Maltese puppies we can for Ourselves.  From every litter born our objective is to
    pick the one puppy that will best suit our needs for our breeding program and train
    them for show so that they can be evaluated by knowledgeable AKC Judges.  
    We breed on a hobby scale and therefore do not and will not ever have large numbers of dogs.  
    We are not interested in becoming a famous kennel through having our kennel name
    appear in the majority of pedigrees throughout the world, hence the reason
    why a Buyer cannot buy a Chrisman Maltese from anyone other than Chrisman Maltese.
    We are satisfied with any small amount of recognition that has come
    after years of our perseverance and unwillingness to settle for anything less than
    the best whether it be in relation to our breeding program, or how our Maltese
    are presented in the show ring and how they are represented in the Pet Community.

    Christopher Vicari
    Manny Comitini


A Better understanding of
Chrisman Maltese
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