So you just purchased a Maltese puppy.

Keep in mind that training a Maltese puppy is a lot like raising a child. It is a lot of work, they keep you up
at night, they get into things and make messes, but your new Maltese puppy also gives you a lot of joy and

Potty training Maltese puppies is not that hard.

Here are some proven steps  listed below to potty train your new Maltese Puppy

In the play den there is room for Pish pads on one side and bedding on the other. If you use a kennel it is a little
smaller and your puppy may have a few accidents at first. Generally dogs do not potty where they sleep but
when they are very young they just can't hold it for long.

NOTE: The play den is also great for when you are unable to give your puppy undivided attention. You can
place it in the play den and it is a safe place for them to play and not get hurt or get into anything.

3) Keep your puppy in the play den not attended or when you are not at home.

4) Within 30 minutes of feeding make sure there are Pish Pads accessible for your puppy to go on.

5) If you catch your Maltese puppy in the act - place him immediately on the Pish pads so they can finish there.

6) Do not hit your Maltese puppy. They do not respond to cruelty. Instead reward with treats whenever they go
potty properly on the Pish pads.

7) As soon as your puppy has received its third set of shots you can begin putting them outside to go potty. You
can move the newspaper outside to help them get used to going outside.

8) After a while (usually 2-6 months) they will get trained to go outside.

9) The end result will be that you will get a well trained well behaved  Maltese puppy and a happy owner too!

The first weeks of potty training your new Maltese puppy may be a little trying at times but you have to
remember this is a commitment to a life long friend and your new puppy is getting used to his or her new family.

You really want to be consistent in your training.

Your Maltesepuppy will be more easily trained if you follow a routine - otherwise you will confuse him, causing
him to have more accidents and have a much harder time with potty training.

Putting time into your Maltese puppy at the beginning of its life will pay big dividends in good behavior later.

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Maltese Puppy's age plus one

Add one to your Maltese puppy's age in months to get the number of hours he should be able to wait before
going potty. So a puppy that's two months old can wait about three hours; you'll need to take him to the *Puppy
Den at least once during the night.

To avoid accidents while housebreaking, pay attention to how your puppy signals he needs to go out. Signs
may include sniffing or scratching at the ground or door, pacing, or whining. Once you're keyed in to these
behaviors, you can extend the periods between bathroom breaks

Take puppy to the designated
* Puppy Den  area
Always use the same route to get there and don't let him out on his own. You want to be sure he goes in the
same place every time and that you're there to give praise.

Repeat a housebreaking command as he starts to go
When it looks like your puppy is about to go, softly repeat a command like "Make on
PISH PAD". Don't stop
repeating the command until puppy actually starts to go.

Switch to gentle praise
Quietly switch from the command to gentle praise once he starts to eliminate and continue to praise until he's
done. It may take a few times for your puppy to be completely empty, particularly in the mornings. Wait until
you're certain he's finished, then give him some hearty praise and head back to the house.

If this method is used consistently when housebreaking your puppy, you'll eventually be able to make him go on

How to deal with accidents
You should expect a few accidents during the housebreaking process. Whatever you do, do not punish your
puppy! Don't rub his nose in the mess and don't discipline after he's already eliminated in the house because
you think he knows what he did. This will only confuse and intimidate your  Maltese puppy.

Catching him in the act
Clap your hands or slap the wall. Make any loud noise you can to interrupt the behavior. Then scoop your
Maltese puppy up and take him outside to the soiling area. When he's done, praise him as usual.

For all other times
Clean up the mess and figure out where YOU went wrong in housebreaking puppy. Did you ignore the
schedule, give him water late at night, or miss the signs that he needed to go out? If you can see where you
failed your pup, you can be better prepared to help him succeed.

Clean up messes with  
ODOBAN  designed for pet accidents. Never use household cleaners or those
containing ammonia, which can't remove the odor. Your puppy may revisit the area if it's not properly cleaned.

Learning how to housebreak a puppy is a pretty simple task if you stay alert and stick to your schedule. With
consistency and plenty of praise, your puppy will be housebroken in no time. Visit our dog house training tips to
learn how to make the housebreaking process even easier.