Here is a guide line to help you find a   
Reputable Maltese Breeder

The Maltese Breeder belongs to at least one dog club

Is actively involved in training and/or
showing their Maltese dogs

Encourages  Maltese puppy buyers to keep in touch
and is glad to offer advice on raising and
training your Maltese puppy

Questions you carefully about why you have
chosen the Maltese breed and how you intend to care
for the  Maltese dog

Checks their Maltese dogs for hereditary defects and
does not breed Maltese dogs with such disorders

Guarantees the health and soundness of
their  Maltese puppies IN WRITING

Does not use hard-sell techniques

Does not "run down" other Maltese breeders or their
Maltese dogs

Will take back a Maltese dog they have bred or help
find it a new home if an owner can't keep it.

Don't be surprised if you have to get on a
"waiting list" or drive to a distant town for a
top quality  Maltese puppy. Consider is a worthwhile
investment for the pleasure and
companionship your  Maltese puppy will provide over
the years to come. Most responsible  Maltese breeders
sell their companion AKC Maltese puppies on Limited
Registration which does not allow them to be
used for breeding purposes. If breeding Maltese
dog is important to you, be prepared to spend
the extra time and money to purchase a
Maltese show quality dog that has the potential to
contribute to the improvement of its breed
with the next generation.

Above all, when you do get a dog, please be a
RESPONSIBLE Maltese DOG OWNER. This includes
training your dog to be a good canine
citizen and being considerate of neighbors
and others who come in contact with your
dog. See that your  Maltese dog has regular
veterinary care and (unless your dog is
show quality), spay or neuter it for its own
safety as well as to avoid contributing to the
unwanted pet problem.