Maltese in Full Show Coat
Maltese In Puppy Cut

Grooming For The adult Maltese
during bathing and drying is encouraged to prevent hair

The final comb out is important on the Maltese. After hand
fluff-drying use combs to make a part down the center of the
back, and then comb the hard on the sides downward.

Learning to bow and bun hair is essential on the Maltese, and
expected of any professional groomer. Have an adequate
supply of various styles and colors for your clients to choose
from so they can have just the special look they desire.

For show the dog is never trimmed. It is common for owners of
Maltese mixes to request mixed breed styling creating more
of a "Poodle look" or other variations. The main intent of these
owners key is to reduce the hair coat in order to reduce their
maintenance demand, or to make the pet more comfortable in
hot weather regions.

Don't use too much cream rinse conditioner on this coat. A
protein rich shampoo should be fine. If you do use a
conditioning rinse, rinse well or the coat could lose its

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