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We are Maltese hobby Breeders that breed Maltese on a small scale to produce
sound, healthy Maltese
for the Maltese show ring and as Maltese pets for loving Maltese pet homes. We
offer only the best
quality Maltese with silky coats, dark pigment, and beautiful baby-doll faces with no
eye staining.

We've been involved with the Maltese breed for over fifteen years and have made a
significant impact in
the Maltese world. Our kennel name was derived from combining our first names,
Christopher & Manny
(Chrisman).  We are active with Maltese Rescue because we feel that rescuing
Maltese is part of the job
of the Maltese Breeder. We have only the best interest of the Maltese breed at
heart. Christopher is a
Certified Judge of Maltese and all the Toy dogs for the National Canine Association.
Manny is involved
with grooming Maltese and showing the Maltese as well as other toy dogs. All of our
Maltese are home
raised, we are not a commercial kennel or Maltese puppy brokers

We are the Owners of the one most informative and active Maltese Online
Discussion Groups:  'MalteseShowDogs', a Group
of Maltese Breeders and Exhibitors Worldwide.  

We do not sell to commercial Maltese breeders or anyone looking specifically for
Maltese breeding stock. All of
our Maltese pets are sold with a non-breeding contract. Please try to stay away from
commercial Maltese
breeders and/or pet shop Maltese. Your best bet is with a reputable Maltese
show/hobby breeder to
ensure that you get a healthy Maltese pup that also fits within the standard set by
the American Kennel

Chrisman Maltese is the home of Best In Show Maltese, Top National Specialty
Winning Maltese as well
as local Specialty Maltese winners, Top Producing Maltese Sires and Top Producing
Maltese Dams,
Pedigree Award Winners for Top Producing Maltese, Maltese Best of Breed winners
at Westminster,
Maltese Best of Opposite Sex winners at Westminster and Maltese Award Of Merit
winners at
Westminster. Our Maltese dogs are winners throughout the nation and the world. Ch
Goomba Johnny was the winner of the American Maltese Association National
Specialty in 2001. He was
the only Maltese to win a Best In Show in the year 2000.

Our Maltese have graced the covers of the 'Maltese Magazine,' 'Top Notch Toys
(Maltese Edition), the
Malteser Journal (Germany). Our Maltese are featured in Maltese books such as 'A
New Owner's Guide
To Maltese' [V. Abbott], 'Maltese' [Juliette Cunliff], 'Maltese' [K. DiGiacomo, B.
Bergquist]; Dog Show
Publications such as 'Dog News' Magazine,' and 'Showsight' Magazine; and many
Maltese Calendars.
Pictures of Chrisman Maltese can also be found on the most comprehensive
Maltese website on the
Christopher  Vicari
Manny  Comitini

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Our email address is

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Chrisman Maltese
Teacup Dogs and Puppies - A Clever Marketing Term?
Criticisms of the term "Teacup Dog and Puppies" are quite strong. Owners of
Toy Dogs believe that these dogs should be referred to by their correct Group
name and that the phrase Teacup Dogs and Puppies are just a clever and cute
marketing term. There is probably some truth in this and prospective owners of
Teacup puppies should be very clear about the pro's and cons of buying a
Teacup Puppy.

Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies - These are not 'Special' Toy dogs
The smaller canines are called Toy Dogs. A full list of AKC recognised Toy dogs
may be accessed via the Site Map. The size of these small dogs are as a result
of selective breeding and were initially developed to ease the lifestyle and
provide pleasure to rich people. These dogs were initially owned by the wealthy
and were viewed by others as status symbols - a luxury item with little apparent
purpose. Dogs in other groups had specific working roles and played a major
part in providing food for the table and therefore justified the cost of their
upkeep and care - working dogs were those which were commonly owned by
the lower classes. The diminutive size and appearance size of Teacup puppies
or Teacup Dogs does not indicate that a particular dog breed type is either rare
or special.

Buying Teacup Dogs or Teacup Puppies
People love small dogs and they were bred specifically to appeal to people and
to act as companions. If you are considering buying a teacup dog or teacup
puppy it will almost certainly bring great you pleasure but caution must be
adopted when purchasing a 'Teacup'. Remember that the diminutive size of
Teacup Puppies have been achieved by selective breeding - and the price
should not reflect a rare or special dog.

Breeding and History of Teacup Dogs or Teacup Puppies
Breeding exclusively for appearance only was  introduced in the 19th Century.
Before this time dogs and puppies were bred to increase useful abilities and
traits helpful for the duties they were intended for. Toy Group dogs (Teacup
Dogs and Teacup Puppies) had limited duties which included the following tasks
were were specifically utilised in Oriental and European Courts by royalty and
the nobility:  

Warmth - A tea cup dog's temperature is between 100.2-102.8 degrees

Warmth - toy, or Teacup, dogs sat on laps (hence the term 'lapdogs')

Warmth - toy, or Teacup, dogs warmed beds in cold castles and palaces

Tea cup dogs and Tea Cup Puppies were valued for Companionship

Toy, or Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies, were viewed as Status symbols  
Teacup Maltese
Maltese Puppy

Maltese  Puppy Information

Maltese Description
The Maltese is a really unique looking dog, which boasts a very elegant
appearance and moves really gracefully. This adorable little toy dog has a
compact but sturdy body, and with its flowing coat of hair comes across as
petite and very glamorous. The coat of these dogs is long, white, and very
silky. Some may also have beige or yellow markings on the coat.

The face of this dog is small, adorable, and sports an alert and intelligent
expression. Some Maltese dogs may have curly or woolly hair rather than
the typical smooth, silky hair. The skull of these dogs is slightly rounded,
and the black button nose and dark eyes stand out against the white face of
the animal.

Maltese Temperament
Although the Maltese dog tend to be sweet, affectionate, and gentle in most
cases, he can also display a jealous streak as he tends to be very competitive
when it comes to getting attention. These dogs do not like to be treated
roughly, and it is therefore best not to have them around younger or
boisterous children. The breed can get on well with other animals providing
they don’t feel threatened by them. The Maltese dog is a very intelligent,
alert, and eager dog, but can be quite shy when it comes to meeting

Maltese Height & weight
The Maltese dog tends to reach around nine to ten inches in height, and in
terms of weight will normally reach around four to six pounds.

Common health / behavioral problems
Although this dog breed is not really prone to many health problems, a
couple of the issues that may affect the health of these dogs include luxating
patella and eye problems.

Maltese Trainability
The Maltese should not pose any problems when it comes to training, as this
breed is very eager, responsive, and intelligent, which makes life far easier
for the owner when it comes to training. As with all dogs breeds, however,
you should always exercise patience and understanding during the training

Maltese Ideal living conditions
The Maltese is a small, indoor toy dog, and does not need much space when
it comes to living conditions. This is a pet that would therefore fare just as
well in an apartment as in a house, and will be happy to amuse himself
indoors, as the breed does not require a great deal of exercise.

Maltese Exercise requirements
Maltese does not require a great deal of exercise, and in most cases will be
happy to play and exercise indoors. However, these dogs do like some
activity, and will enjoy being taken for a daily walk, which should easily be
enough to fill their exercise requirement needs.

Maltese Diet & nutrition
Your Maltese should enjoy a well balanced and nutritious diet, and should
be fed on high quality food that will provide nourishment and will keep him
full for longer. Regular, small portions are well suited to this breed, and you
should ensure that he always has access to fresh water.

Maltese Life expectancy
A healthy and fit Maltese dog can expect to live for around twelve to
fourteen years.

Maltese Grooming requirements
Although this Maltese breed does not need much in the way of exercise, the
grooming requirements for this breed are high. You will need to brush his
coat daily in order to keep it in good condition, and a weekly shampooing is
also recommended. You should ensure that you keep a regular check on the
dog’s eyes, as they can be prone to eye problems.

Maltese Origin
As the name would suggest, the Maltese dog breed originated from Malta.
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