Your source for PishPad Housebreaking Pads, PishPad Extra Absorbant Pads for Mature Dogs, PishPad Ultra-Dry Crate and Kennel Pads, PishPad Dog Beds, Diapers for Dogs, Sham-PoochPads. PishPad products are reusable and washable. PoochPad Products are Odor-controlling. PishPad products are absorbant. PishPads can be used for housebreaking puppies, older incontinent dogs and "home-alone" pooches. PishPad Products Home PageA Revolutionary New Patented Product
Developed by CHRISMAN Maltese for
the Growing Needs of Today’s Dog
Breeders, Exhibitors and Owners.
The Pish Pad is a combination of 3 materials bonded together to make
your life easier. The top layer is a quick absorbing, non staining material.
Once the surface is made wet, the liquid is contained in one area and
quickly disappears as it gets pulled down into the second layer keeping
your dog dry. The middle layer is called the ‘soaker’ which collects the
liquid and holds it in and away from your dog. The bottom layer is a
plastic urethane barrier that protects the surface underneath the pad from
getting wet or stained. It securely adheres to almost any surface yet is
fully removable for your temporary needs without leaving any residue. The
top layer makes the Pish Pads ideal for exercising long coated breeds as
it will not grab, pull or rip the ends of the hair. Your dog is able to relieve
itself and still walk on the surface without getting wet or having the ends
of the hair stained. It is a surface that a dog can exercise on without
slipping or tripping.
create an indoor 'pee pee tree' or 'fire hydrant' using
the Pish Pad wrapped around a 2 liter soda bottle,
Bleach bottle or empty coffee can filled with sand or
water. Secure the Pish Pad with a rubber band. Place
the 'tree/hydrant' in the center of the Pish Pad and your
dog will have a place to go indoors to relieve
themselves without ruining your home

newspaper and unprinted paper. The 'layering method':

First, cut the Pish Pads to fit the size of your pet's crate. Layer three to
Pish Pad will not allow any leakage and will hold the Pish Pads in Pish Pad
will not allow any leakage and will hold the Pish Pads in place without
slipping. When the top Pish Pad becomes soiled, simply remove it to
reveal a clean, dry Pish Pad underneath. This method will save you
valuable time.
Some of the qualities of the Pish Pads are:
They are reusable
More environmentally friendly than throw-away products
They are completely machine washable and dryer safe
They can be rinsed, rung out to dry and reused in minutes
They will not shrink
They will not retain any odor
They will not stain
They can be cut with a regular scissor or razor blade
They can be cut into any size depending on how and where you want to use them
Because the fabrics are bonded, the ends will not fray
They can be used on top of or in place of hygienic flooring
They can be used in Vari Kennels
They are ideal for travel and use in Hotel Rooms
They can be used in whelping/litter boxes
They can be used on tile, wood, linoleum, cement, carpet and virtually any surface without
slipping or staining
More cost effective than wee wee pad, pee pee pad, Pooch Pad and puppy training pads.
By the 10 foot roll                         

Pish Pad by the 10 foot roll can be rolled out onto
normally slippery surfaces such as tile to be used as a
tool to train your show dogs. You can place the Pish Pad
used at indoor dog shows. They provide sure footing for
your dog as oppposed to using heavy, cumbersome,
slippery, hard to clean rubber mats with ridges.
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The ability to easily cut and customize the Pish Pads to
any size and shape allows you use them in any size crate
and carrier. The Pish Pads' highly absorbant tendency
and ability to stay in place without slipping will make
travelling comfortable and more enjoyable for your pet.
Pish Pads are designed for both male and female dog indoor
elimination from puppyhood to adulthood. They can be cut to fit
Pad from lifting or sliding. They can be washed, dried and
reused without losing shape or absorbent ability, making them
environmentally friendly.
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